Hands Hair Salon, Soho, London


Hands Hair Salon
130 Wardour Street

W1F 8ZN,
United Kingdom

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Hands Hair Salon, Soho, London


Hands Hair Salon is a unique, East meets West salon in the heart of ever changing, vibrant Soho. Our talented, avant-garde staff will understand and meet your individual needs. You can relax and enjoy the down-to-earth environment at Hands and be assured that our professionals will provide an exceptionally high quality service.


We believe that your hairstyle should project your personality and reflect the qualities that you admire in yourself. Our experts will adapt a hairstyle to compliment your natural looks and help you to express yourself confidently. We will advise you on how to treat, style and wash your hair, ensuring that you leave the salon with a fantastic new hairstyle that you can maintain at home.


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